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Lighthouse Pup 3.x, 2.x Downloads

Getting Started | LHP 3.01 Base ISO | SFS Expansion Packs for LHP 3.01 | LHP 2.15

Getting Started
Start here if you're unfamiliar with ISOs and MD5s: Burning an ISO - Using MD5 Checksums

Please download the .md5.txt (right-click save-as) and verify the ISO before burning. In Lighthouse, simply right-click the .iso and choose MD5SumGUI. It will calculate and compare automatically if both files are in the same folder. (Otherwise in Linux, open a terminal and type md5sum <filename>.)

As of LighthousePup-3.01b7 both xdelta and xdelta3 are built into Lighthouse. Here's how to use it. Let's say you already have LighthousePup-3.01c.iso:

1. Download the xdelta3 update e.g., LighthousePup-3.01c7-3.01g.iso.xdelta3
2. Place it in the same directory as your 3.01c.iso
3. Open a terminal in that directory and type 'xdelta3 -d LighthousePup-3.01c-3.01g.iso.xdelta3'.
4. Verify the md5sum on your new LighthousePup-3.01g.iso

LighthousePup 3.01 Base ISO - KDE 3.5.10 default desktop, IceWM, JWM, K3b 1.05, GIMP 2.4.3, Firefox3.04, Java1.6u7, Thunderbird, Seamonkey, Flash10, Muppymplayer, Azureus, pburn-2.0.9, Fotoxx 5.3.1, gtkam, Juk Jukebox & Music Manager, Noatun, KScreensavers, YahooMessenger, XINE, XMMS, RealPlayer, GQView, Conky, 3DCC, Edit-SFS-LHP, PSI (Puppy-Software-Installer), TestDisk, PhotoRec. Modified xorgwizard for ATI DRI. Bootable CD-Rom Boot Menu includes Memtest86+

2008-11-15  LighthousePup-3.01g.iso.md5.txt           1k

2008-11-15  LighthousePup-3.01c-3.01g.iso.xdelta3 21M Delta3 ISO update from 3.01c to 3.01g Final

11-15  LighthousePup-3.01g.iso               353M Bootable CD Image (3.01g Final based on Puppy 3.01)

2008-10-27 LighthousePup-3.01c.iso.md5.txt           1k

2008-10-27 LighthousePup-3.01b7-3.01c.iso.xdelta3 78M Delta3 ISO update from 3.01b7 to 3.01c

LighthousePup-3.01c.iso             351M Bootable CD Image (3.01c based on Puppy 3.01)

2008-10-11 LighthousePup-3.01b7.iso.md5.txt           1k

LighthousePup-3.01b7.iso             322M Bootable CD Image (7th Beta based on Puppy 3.01)

2008-02-07 LighthousePup_3.01a4.iso.md5.txt           1k

LighthousePup_3.01a4.iso             278M Bootable CD Image (4th Alpha based on Puppy 3.01)

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SFS (Squash File System) Software Expansion Packs for Lighthouse 3.01

Mariner SFS add-on package for LighthousePup-3.01c or 3.01g--all this in one file:
  • Amarok 1.4.10 rediscover your music, kdeutils-3.5.10 w/SuperKaramba & LiquidWeather++ desktop applet autostart in KDE
  • GKrellM System Monitor, Opera 9.62 web browser, Tuxtype2 fun way to improve typing skills
  • Gslapt 0.4.0 (latest version) Slackware Package Management
  • > 200 screensavers from Xscreensavers 5.07 and rss-glx_0.8.1 (Really Slick Screensavers)
  • > 75 games including Armagetron Advanced, Descent2, Emilia Pinball, Frogger, Mahjongg3D, TuxPuck, Tux Racer, X-Tux and 35 kdegames-3.5.10
  • BZFlag 2.0.10 "Never Say Never" (Battle Zone capture the Flag) 3D first person tank simulation
Download here, place in /mnt/home, the folder where your pup_save file is and reboot:

2008-11-17 LHP-Mar-02_301.sfs.md5.txt

2008-11-17 LHP-Mar-01-Mar-02_301.sfs.xdelta3  5M (Xdelta3 update from Mariner ver 01 to ver 02)

2008-11-17 LHP-Mar-02_301.sfs             150M (Version 02 fixes Amarok, adds Ruby, Xpenguins)

2008-11-5 LHP-Mar-01_301.sfs.md5.txt   1k

2008-11-5 LHP-Mar-01_301.sfs             146M

OpenOffice-3.0.sfs    159M http://www.puppylinux.ca/tpp/jb4x4/OpenOffice/ or http://puppylinux.igsobe.com/puppylinux/tpp/jb4x4/OpenOffice/

OpenOffice-2.3.1.sfs 140M http://www.puppylinux.ca/tpp/bugs/

OpenOffice-2.2.0.sfs  98M
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LighthousePup 2.15 SeaMonkey
Base ISO - Seamonkey, Flash9, IceWM, MuppyIceDock, MPlayer, XMMS, GQView, Conky, New Themes, Wallpapers, Shadows, Icons, Cursors, Fonts, LookAndFeel Settings, 3DCC, Grafburn, Edit-SFS, PSI (Puppy-Software-Installer), Gslapt, PB-Debian-installer, TestDisk, PhotoRec. 'Backported' from Puppy 2.16.1: Connection Wizard, XorgWizard; Puppy 2.17.1: PMount.
Kernel and Init Scripts are identical to Puppy 2.15CE. Bootable CD-Rom Boot Menu includes Memtest86 v3.3

2007-09-24 Lighthouse215SeaM_Beta5.iso.md5.txt  1k

2007-09-24 Lighthouse215SeaM_Beta5.iso (A.K.A. 2.15 FINAL/Stable) 182M Bootable CD Image

2007-07-16 lighthouse215SeaM_beta4.iso.md5.txt  1k

2007-07-16 lighthouse215SeaM_beta4.iso      182M Bootable CD Image

SFS (Squash File System) Software Expansion Packs for Lighthouse
  1. Please download (right-click save-as) the small .md5 text file first and verify the .sfs after downloading both files. In Lighthouse,  right-click on the .sfs | click 'MD5SumGUI'. It will calculate and compare md5s automatically if both files are in the same folder.
  2. Save or copy these into /mnt/home, the folder where your pup_save file is. Usually .sfs files won't be available in LiveCD mode.

    for Official Puppy: skip to step 5

  3. Reboot.
  4. In KDE the new apps may appear in KMenus or under Lost&Found. If not try Kmenu | System | Bootmanager | Click on 'Choose which extra...'.

    In Lighthouse 2.15, click Start | Window Manager | Refresh Menus and wait a few seconds. This is the same as running 'fixmenus' from the command line, just a little easier.

    In IceWM or JWM you may need to run 'fixmenus' in a terminal. If using JWM, Click | Start | Shutdown Puppy | Restart JWM.

    Now the software in the .sfs files should appear in your menu system.

          Additional Steps for Official Puppy only:

  5. Steps 1-2 above, then for Puppy 2.17, make a symlink to it (in Rox-Filer right-click .sfs | link | enter name | hit Symlink ) that ends with '_2nn', e.g. 'pgs_K3b-12.17-02_217.sfs'  Note: If you get an error when creating the symlink, you may be using a non-linux file system (e.g., fat32 or ntfs,) so you'll need to either rename or copy the SFS.
  6. Reboot.
  7. Open a terminal and type 'fixmenus' [Enter]. Then Click | Start | Shutdown Puppy | Restart JWM. Now the software in the .sfs files should appear in your menu system.
SFS modules for Lighthouse215 or Puppy 2.17 (not tested in others)

K3b 0.12.17 CD/DVD Burner and The GIMP 2.2.13, ArtOfIllusion, blender, dia, gtkam, inkscape, povray, scribus, UFraw, Xara Xtreme based on Nathan Fisher's pgs Puppy Graphics (click for details, scroll down)
K3b was built from Debian testing k3b_0.12.17-9 and about 29 related packages, including kdelibs 3.5.5a.

       pgs_K3b-12.17-02_215.sfs.md5  1k
       pgs_K3b-12.17-02_215.sfs      115M  (latest ver 02) <===

     pgs_K3b-12.17-01_215.sfs.md5  1k
       pgs_K3b-12.17-01_215.sfs      115M  (prior version)

OpenOffice 2.2 - http://distro.ibiblio.org/pub/linux/distributions/puppylinux/sfs_modules-2/

SFS modules for Lighthouse 2.15 only

Lighthouse Mariner SFS  (OpenOffice 2.2 Full by mysticmarks, CUPS Printing Installer, selected themes, backgrounds, mplayer and XMMS skins, Opera 9.22, web/P2P Apps based on SFS by Pizzasgood inc. Firefox 2.0, Java 1.5.0_11, Thunderbird, KompoZer, Bluefish, TightVNC Server, Azureus. Keep Firefox up to date with automated updates. Kempelton theme in FF and lix-1.5 in Opera, improvements to look and feel in both browsers.)
Note: This was built for Lighthouse and does not function well in Puppy apart from Lighthouse. See Puppy v2.15CE: http://puppylinux.org/wikka/Puppy215Downloads -- bottom of page and link above for SFS files designed for official Puppy.

2007-07-25 lhp-mar-02_215.sfs.md5  1k
2007-07-25 lhp-mar-02_215.sfs      252 M

LighthousePup 2.15 Hardware Requirements

Similar to official PuppyLinux; however the Lighthouse base ISO includes the core file pup_2xx.sfs which is approximately 162 MB, about twice that of Puppy 2.16.1, and about 50 MB more than Puppy 2.15CE (112 MB.) Although Lighthouse has been tested on a 262MHz K6 system with 160 MB RAM, I recommend a minimum of 800 MHz and 384 MB RAM for good performance. If enough RAM cannot be installed, a linux-swap partition on a local, preferably fast disk drive may be helpful. The great thing about Puppy is you can just swap one bootable LiveCD for another and see which one works best--without the drawn-out hard-disk install of other operating systems.
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